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Wellcome Image Awards

http://www.holeinthedyke.com/images/hitd-news/wellcome1.jpg http://www.holeinthedyke.com/images/hitd-news/wellcome2.jpg
Now to be seen at the Wellcome Collection (15 October 2009 - 01 March 2010): 19 extraordinary images, using techniques ranging from light and electron microscopy to illustration and photography. Have a look at the award winning images.

Sat, January 09, 2010 - 12:42

Anatomical entertainment

Intricate wax models of humans, and their internal organs, helped educate medical students during the 19th Century. But they also offered the general public an unusual afternoon's entertainment. As seen last summer in the Wellcome Collection in central London. Interesting slideshow..... for those of you with a strong stomach.

Sat, January 09, 2010 - 12:39

Play the piano

'Play the piano' is an interactive YouTube video by Kokokaka

Thu, January 07, 2010 - 10:44

Grey Group’s new global heaquarters

http://www.holeinthedyke.com/images/hitd-news/grey.jpg http://www.holeinthedyke.com/images/hitd-news/G2.jpg http://www.holeinthedyke.com/images/hitd-news/toiletdesign.jpg
New headquarters for the Grey Group, one of the largest marketing communications companies in the world. Paula Scher has developed the environmental graphics for the offices, which were designed by Studios Architecture.

Thu, January 07, 2010 - 3:03

Hermès window display

Window display for 'Maison Hermès by Tokujin Yoshioka.

Sat, January 02, 2010 - 8:34


Wendelien Daan and Anneke Krull created the brochure of the 'Eyecatchers' exhibition in the Geldmuseum in Utrecht, the Netherlands. (12-12-2009 untill 30-12-2010)

Sat, January 02, 2010 - 7:43

Amazing light art

http://www.holeinthedyke.com/images/hitd-news/light_art1.jpg http://www.holeinthedyke.com/images/hitd-news/light_art2.jpg http://www.holeinthedyke.com/images/hitd-news/light_art3.jpg
Light Art Performance Photography images made by LAPP-PRO
Jan Wöllert and Jörg Miedza, from Bremen, Germany.

Mon, December 28, 2009 - 11:22

Chandra’s first decade

http://www.holeinthedyke.com/images/hitd-news/chandra_shot.jpg http://www.holeinthedyke.com/images/hitd-news/chandra_shot3.jpg
Darren Baskill, an X-ray astronomer at the University of Sussex, explains Chandra's importance, and looks at some of the colourful images produced by the space shuttle's telescope in the past 10 years.
(images courtesy Nasa/CXC/SAO)

Mon, December 28, 2009 - 10:59

Desaturated Santa

http://www.holeinthedyke.com/images/hitd-news/desaturated_santa.jpg http://www.holeinthedyke.com/images/hitd-news/desaturated_santa2.jpg
You might think it 's just another Photoshop job, but take a closer look at these photo's.

Mon, December 28, 2009 - 10:31

Best Wishes


Thu, December 24, 2009 - 3:01

Sretan Bozic i Nova Godina

Greeting card from Dragan. See you soon...

Thu, December 24, 2009 - 2:19

Serious request

€ 7.113.447 for the Red Cross Organisation and their struggle against malaria, thanks to the Dutch 'Serious Request"-action. Dj's Giel Beelen, Gerard Ekdom en Annemieke Schollaardt have spend six days without food in a glass house on the Grote Markt in Groningen.

Thu, December 24, 2009 - 2:00

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